Essential Security Tips for Neutronpay Users

1 min. readlast update: 11.06.2023

To all Neutronpay users, your asset security is our top priority. Here are the key steps you should take to keep your accounts safe:

  1. Account Verification and 2FA: Always verify your Neutronpay account and enable Two-Factor Authentication for an additional security layer. Learn how to set it up here.
  2. Direct Support Access: If you require assistance, email us at or submit a ticket at Neutronpay Support.
  3. Token Advisory: Be aware that Neutronpay does not issue any tokens. Treat claims to the contrary as fraudulent.
  4. Admin Interaction Caution: Our admins will never contact you first through direct messages (DMs), request money, or ask you to click on suspicious links..
  5. Personal Information Protection: Keep personal info off social networks to prevent identity theft.
  6. Email Link Awareness: Stay clear of strange links in emails to avoid phishing.
  7. Email Verification and 2FA: Don't forget to apply 2FA to the email associated with your Neutronpay account for an extra security measure.

Stay vigilant and reach out to us if you encounter any security concerns. Your safety is our commitment.

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