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Neutronpay: Pioneering Lightning Network Transactions for Global Payments

Established in 2018, Neutronpay quickly positioned itself as one of the pioneering infrastructure providers for the Lightning Network. With backing from top-tier venture capitalists in the US and Silicon Valley, specializing in Bitcoin and the Lightning Network, the company has robust support and investment.

Neutronpay empowers businesses with APIs, enabling them to leverage the Lightning Network for their transactions. The Neutronpay mobile app extends this capability to individuals and businesses, facilitating instant cross-border transfers.

Expanding its network, Neutronpay has recently forged partnerships with businesses in Southeast Asia and Africa for payout services. This development enables businesses to send and receive payments seamlessly, backed by Neutronpay’s secure and efficient infrastructure.

Neutronpay is at the forefront of transforming how businesses and individuals send and receive payments via the Lightning Network. With its secure, efficient infrastructure and growing reputation, Neutronpay is fast becoming a trusted name in the industry.

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