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Secure and Convenient Money Transfers with Neutronpay: Now Available for Canadians and Vietnamese!

Neutronpay is making it easier than ever for Canadians and Vietnamese to send and receive money. With the Neutronpay mobile app, users in Canada and Vietnam can now sign up and take advantage of the mobile app features.

Once you have completed the Know Your Customer (KYC) process, you can deposit either Canadian Dollars (CAD) or Vietnamese Dong (VND) to your Neutronpay account. Depending on your profile, you may have access to additional deposit options.

You can also withdraw funds directly to your linked bank account once you have completed the KYC process. This makes it easy to access your funds and use them for whatever you need.

Neutronpay is committed to making money transfers easier and more secure for Canadians and Vietnamese. With the mobile app, users in both countries can now take advantage of the features and enjoy the convenience of sending and receiving money.

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